Mock Egg Salad – Brought to you by Turmeric

In case you missed our Advanced Nutrition Raw Foods class last week, I wanted to pass along one of the recipes we taught (and happily sampled!) so you don’t feel left out. We know the class filled up quickly and we had to turn many of you away, so stay tuned at the office and online because we will be scheduling another one soon.  In the meantime, here is the raw foods recipe for the Mock Egg salad passed on to me by an amazing Naturopathic Doctor, Kat Wright.

Notable mention: This recipe uses the wonder-spice, turmeric, as one of the main ingredients, used for much more than just lending its vibrant yellow hue to create the classic egg salad appearance.  Turmeric is an incredibly powerful spice used in India for centuries and is now being rapidly valued in the Western world for it’s amazing health benefits that continue to show themselves the more we look. Not only is turmeric a natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and anti-biotic, but it also strengthens the digestive system, is a blood purifier, regulates blood sugar and is incredibly anti-inflammatory.  Because of all of its components, studies have indicated it is very beneficial at preventing and combating cancer, as well as Alzheimer’s disease,  Multiple Sclerosis, and a variety of skin conditions just to name a few. We will soon be carrying turmeric in its supplement form (I recommend everyone start taking it) but until then, here is a recipe that can start getting it into your diet today.


Mock Egg Salad

½ c. water

½ c. lemon juice

1 tsp. turmeric

2 cloves garlic

1 ½ c. raw macadamia nuts

½ bunch scallions, chopped

½ c. red onions, diced

½ c. red pepper, diced

½ c. celery, diced

½ Tbs. sea salt

Ground pepper to taste

In a high speed blender, mix water, lemon, turmeric, garlic, salt and nuts. Stir in chopped vegetables. Serve on top of sliced cucumbers, tomatoes or nut crackers.

Salad can be stored in the fridge for several days and is a great thing to keep on hand to snack on when you need something quick.

Serves 6-8


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