Lisa Waynick

At 46 years old, I found myself morbidly obese, depressed, lethargic and medicating all my issues.  I had frequent headaches, constipation, irregular menstrual cycle―I actually had menopausal symptoms.  I took blood pressure medication which bloated my body, so in addition, I took a diuretic to help the swelling.  I also had lifelong allergies and took meds for that too.  My life reflected as a slow, dull existence – not much to be excited about – nothing was going to happen – nothing was going to change – I was winding down and preparing for old age or death.

HOWEVER….I also had the hand of God providentially guiding my life when some godly women invited Exodus’ Dr. Josh to come and present his philosophy of total health to a Bible study group I attended.  The truth of his simple message connected with me.  I felt a “spark” of hope when I started the healing diet.  After just a few days, I noticed I was “feeling better,” more energized! I got a friend to join me at lunch to walk.  First, it was one mile that soon turned into three miles a day.  All I was doing was following the healing diet and walking and my body began to change! I lost some weight, had increased energy, increased libido and a more positive outlook.  I kept this up for several weeks, enjoying these new benefits, and wanted to learn more about this nutrition so I attended Exodus’ “Advanced Nutrition” class where he extended his usual invitation to come to the office.  (I had declined several of these invites before!) So, finally, I got myself into his office and reluctantly went through the evaluation process – the whole time thinking, “I have no spinal issues! But I will get some more personalized nutrition information, so what have I got to lose?”  How wrong I was….I had a negative curve in my neck at -14 (I think it was), so I agreed to start the program of correcting and maintaining spinal alignment.

Since that first meeting, I have experienced a completely changed life! Those small seeds of truth have sprouted this tree of life growing inside me!  There is almost nothing of the old person in this body now!  I still have a few members of my family to convert to whole health – which I feel is my new heart cry!  In the past, the old me would have denied myself the great benefits because of their lack of support.  But with the power of this truth, I realize that it is my right and my blessing to make my health a priority.  Priority is not a strong enough word – it is my MANDATORY requirement – not up for discussion – not negotiable – unapologetically – to STAY ALIVE!!  I’m here to testify that if it were not for this miraculous healing, I would be on the opposite road from staying alive―I would not be enjoying whole health for the first time in my life!

There are myriad changes in my life! Among the great improvements are:

  1. Lost over 50 pounds
  2. ZERO MEDICATIONS! No blood pressure issues – no bloating issues – no allergies – no pain!
  3. ENJOYING exercise – really loving and looking forward to it every day!! That’s huge!
  4. Active in my children’s lives – by “active” I mean running, playing, participating in the same activities as my teen and pre-teen age children!
  5. Enjoying a healthy sex life – ‘nuff said
  6. Spinal correction of at least 9 degrees!
  7. Being HAPPY!!! I guess because of all of the above!

In short, Exodus has changed my life – answering the call to speak into my life the life-giving TRUTH has restored my life and led me into a healthy and whole life I thought was impossible! All my love to this wonderful ministry and staff!

Lisa Waynick

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