Health from lack or abundance

One of the largest and most overlooked parts of your health is the mental mindset by which you approach it. Many studies have linked the benefits of a positive mental attitude (PMA) and healthy lifestyles.  The fact is that the way you look at your health often determines your health level and overall happiness with your health.

LACK: Outside-In

By far, most people that we encounter come from the point of view that they have a lack of health.  This mindset is beat into us by our society, meaning that your body is lacking health and we must spend our time, energy, and money trying to find something to put into our bodies to create health inside of us.  This outside-in mindset leads us to believe that we can create health in our bodies by adding something we “lack”.   This often begins and leads to thoughts like “I could be healthy if I …”

  • Run two miles a day
  • eat more vegetables
  • take this medication or that magic pill
  • lose weight

and the list goes on and on as you could fill in the blank with whatever you want to.  The problem with this point of view is that it creates the misconception that you must do something in order to make your body create health; and without you creating it outward, it cannot be created inside of you.  With this viewpoint, by falling short of some said goals, you create a doubt and negative mindset about yourself and your health.  This does more damage to the body than maybe any disease process as it changes you mentally and actually is powerful enough to change the hormonal balance in your body.

Changing Views:

There is a different viewpoint that you can see your health from however; one that can build confidence in you and your body and ultimately lead to the state of health that you are striving for.  Are all of the things that we filled in the blank with important to our health?  Of course they are, but looking at them through a different window may just change your ability to achieve them.

Your body was designed for 80 to 120 healthy years.  These numbers are represented both in the Bible (Gen 6:3) and by Harvard Medical in their research on DNA.  Your brain and spinal cord make up your central nervous system and control every aspect and function in your body as every single cell, tissue, organ, and system is connected by nerves to the brain.  Most think you die when the heart stops beating or the lungs stop breathing, however, there are machines that can do this for you.  You only cease to exist when your brain and nervous system cease function.  Since this system controls everything, it also controls the functions that heal the body and create health.

If you cut your finger, and do nothing to it, in 3 days it will heal.  Your skin cells fall off every 30-32 days and a new layer rises up to protect you.  A red blood cell lives exactly 120 days, every 121 days, you have brand new blood.  A pregnant mother doesn’t have to remind the baby to grow, it just happens.  The body is a self healing and self regulating organism that is constantly striving to reach a state of optimum health. Understanding that last statement is a huge part of being a great steward to your body.

Abundance:  Inside-Out

Your body heals and thrives from the inside-out.  From the brain down to the body and from inside out, it is constantly striving to create an environment that supports optimum health.  Because of this, you cannot create health; it is already being created for you every second of every day.  Understanding this fact and adapting your viewpoint to support this fact may just change your life.  Instead of thinking about what you can do to create your own health, ask what you can do to remove any interference to this process and maximize it.  This changes your viewpoint on every decision you make.  When you understand that your body has an abundance of health waiting to be unleashed, it puts you into an ultimately powerful position and places you back in charge.

For example, coming from this position of power,

  • Changes a view of eating from “what will satisfy my hunger” to “what can I eat that will provide my body with the best fuel and nutrients possible”
  • Changes thoughts on exercise from “I need to exercise so I can be healthy” to “my body needs maximum oxygen supply and lean muscle to operate at 100%”
  • Changes your thoughts on relationships from “I have too much stress in my life” to “Healthy relationships are essential to my physical well being” and gives you the will power to change them.

Yes, exercise, proper diet, healthy relationships, and a proper functioning nervous system are all parts of being great stewards of your health.  When you view this from the stand point that you have to create these, it places you under immense pressure, often times leading to failure and a negative health picture.  Coming from the viewpoint that your body is creating health every second and needs no help, just no interference, puts you in power and changes you from the creator to the steward!


Action Steps:

  1. Daily Affirmations:  These have been shown to be extremely powerful when done every day.  If weight loss is a goal, awake every morning with a statement such as “I am the perfect weight” or “My body will choose my perfect weight for me”
  2. Vision Board:  You must create the mind set change and a vision board is the way to do it.  It must list your goals and how you plan to achieve them.
  3. Have reminders everywhere:  sticky notes work great with sayings like “I fuel my body to perform at its best” or “I create health every second and promote it with great habits”.