Greta Drew

I first realized something was wrong my senior year of high school. I was running late, as usual, and had skipped breakfast. My first class was algebra and I had a test that day. I looked down at my test and I couldn’t answer a single question. Everything in my head was foggy. I knew something was wrong. My parents immediately called the doctor. I ended up having an EEG and many other tests, but they all came back negative. No one could figure out what was wrong. Over the next few years, I did some research of my own and realized I was hypoglycemic but no doctor would do anything about it. I tried to control it on my own but it just ended up getting worse.

Eventually I ended up in the hospital twice after having seizures. Still my doctor wouldn’t do anything but put me on anti-seizure medication, which made me even sicker. I was so discouraged and sick of being sick. It was a constant battle to keep my blood sugar up. I was also a real strain on my husband; many times I would wake up with him looking over me making sure I wasn’t having another seizure. I was at the end of my rope.


The only thing I knew to do was pray. So I prayed, “God I need your help.  If I have to live the rest of my life like this I don’t want to live anymore.”  Well, God heard my prayer. The next week, after listening to Dr. Axe on the radio, my husband suggested I send him an e-mail. After reading my e-mail, Dr. Axe invited me and my husband to one of his dinners at Boscos. We went and listened and after hearing what he had to say, we were convinced that he could help.

Finally, we found a doctor who wanted to help. After just a few weeks on the program at Exodus I started feeling better. My hypoglycemia is GONE. Thank you Exodus.  You guys saved my life and I thank God for it every day.

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