GM(uh)O – Be Careful Friends

By now we have all probably heard the term GMO thrown around and if you are like me, sometimes when I hear something a lot I begin to tune out to the conversation. Maybe you are not guilty of switching to a different mental channel when re-run topics occur, but just in case, I want to encourage you to stay tuned in to the issues surrounding GMO food for the sake of your health.

One of the greatest downfalls of health in our society is the continual resistance to return to food in it’s pure, original state. There are multiple reasons as to why mankind has felt the need to tamper with an already perfectly created substance, which when used for it’s intended purpose, is already good! When it comes to GMOs, which stands for Genetically Modified Organisms, I can’t help to be disturbed and unsettled at the lengths humans have gone to “out-create” what has already been created. The arrogance behind the assumption that we can “better” something that has already been created perfectly is saddening to say the very least.

Today, out of curiosity, I went to Wikipedia (I encourage you to take a look) to see how they defined GMO and felt sick to my stomach as I was reminded of how unnatural the entire process is and even the idea that we should mess with these things in the first place. Of course, those who support the production of GMOs will claim they are safe, but besides the proven health complications they produce, common sense also suggests that such an unnatural process to disrupt nature cannot possibly produce health.

I read an article this morning about GMO wheat… Take a look. I personally avoid wheat because of the inflammatory effects of gluten, but think about how many things wheat is actually in… the effects it could have on your body is intimidating to say the least.

Last but not least, make your voice count. It takes 2 minutes to become part of a movement to petition that foods made with GMOs be labeled in our country so we can buy our food with peace of mind we aren’t missing hidden lurkers! GO HERE and make your opinion count!

And as a side note, many health articles have a lot of great information, but personally, there are aspects in ways some health articles are written that don’t appeal to me, specifically related to writing styles and sometimes an aggressive or accusatory approach that can turn me off from reading the information. While this is a natural response, it is not healthy for me to overlook quality information simply because I don’t like how it is packaged… So I encourage you to also be mindful of this as you explore and research on your journey to making healthier choices for a healthier life. I would hate for you, someone I care about, to miss out on something that could benefit or even save your life. Thanks for having a hunger to learn and grow GMO free together!


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