Gail Dougherty

I started coming into the Exodus clinic around the end of June of 2008. I used to have headaches that were excruciating at times…probably at least once every 4 to 5 weeks.  I have not had a headache of any significance since Dr. Josh started my treatments.I have dropped about 22 lbs since I started treatments, I’ve changed my diet and added exercise but I had started that before and I believe the combination with the adjustments have mostly been the key.

My diabetes is reversed since I started the adjustments. I have more stamina than I have experienced in many years. My hair has stopped falling out. I am still on medication for blood pressure but it has dropped significantly and I believe I will be able to stop the medication completely at some point.

I have had problems with my sinuses every year at least once every season or change of season, especially spring and fall.  This would normally go into bronchitis.  I just had an attack in the past week and a half.  I followed Dr. Josh’s plan and it cleared up…never went near my chest or bronchial tubes. I had a hump on my middle back at the base of my neck, it is completely gone.  I am walking straighter and have more freedom of movement in my neck and my back since I began the adjustments.

I am a walking breathing testament to the good Exodus is doing.   I tell everyone who brings up the subject of health about the Exodus Clinic and about health and wellness.

The people at Exodus are wonderful.  And I thankGod for bringing the message of health into my life.

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