Bobbie Hamilton

It all started when our daughter, Ashley Hamilton, wrote us an email explaining that she had taken a job with a sorority sister, Jessica Ramsay, at some alternative health clinic in Nashville; something of a receptionist/office person after graduating from Union University. It was fine by me as long as she had health benefits! (I know I’m laughing now!!) She was enthusiastic about her work and the people there and said, “Mom come up and visit and go to this food revolution seminar.” That was October 20, 2009. I brought our youngest daughter Brittany with me and told Chris I would come back changed! He thought it was more of a visit to see our daughters, Ashley and Nicole, but I sensed something was forthcoming.

Well, as they say, the rest is history!! The staff in the clinic was exceptional! Enthusiastic and encouraging and Dr. Jason is so compassionate and caring. Yes, they are all passionate about their beliefs and a little crazy according to Lori and proud of it. Brittany and I drove home and stopped at a gas station for a snack but after attending the Food Revolution by Dr. Josh all we could say was, “can we put this non-food in our mouth?”

So what do I say now a year later?

Truth + Timing + Tact = Transformation


I subscribed to Exodus’ newsletter and kept asking Ashley questions. Even as a nurse, I could not argue against what I was hearing. I would read a little more about healthy diets, supplements, etc. but I did not get bogged down by this…believe me, Ashley and the clinic had done the research! And I truly believe all the diets, ideas, etc. can derail people from just starting the journey towards health. See what the clinic and newsletter say and do one of the action steps. Just start!


I am 5 feet tall and viewed as “bubbly” and upbeat, but 20 years of being overweight (now 170 lbs) was getting old. I had never seen myself successful at weight loss; even though I had lost 20 lbs about 7 years ago, I gained it back when I slowed down exercising! Little by little I kept hearing a better way of eating and exercising. After seeing a video of myself dancing at half-time at a Grizzlies game I saw how round (obese) I had become! Then I came with my husband to the February seminar and began in the healing diet and burst training in all seriousness. I started eating the healing foods diet, changed from coffee to tea, changed the staples in my pantry slowly and began eating more fruits and vegetables and smoothies made from whatever was in my ‘fridge at the time!! I took vitamins and the cell detox tablets. We would try to get to Nashville on a monthly basis for adjustments. Yes, I now believe in chiropractic care, and I was the biggest skeptic til I looked at my x-rays! Did I adhere to the diet perfectly? No, not by a long shot; I still had the occasional coffee, ate processed meats, or a sandwich or bread, but this is where tact comes in.


I was never chastised by my daughter Ashley, by the girls in the office, nor my husband and ultimately not myself for my weaknesses, but was applauded for my good choices! Wow, what a breakthrough!!! I could lose weight and not be perfect. Yes, I am guilty of calling Exodus center and leaving a message of how I lost weight or got into a smaller size and to let them know they are impacting this woman from Memphis! Now this is not to say you can do whatever you want and lose weight and get healthy! I lost the most weight trying to stick to the healing diet, and that is my aim for the most part. But the bigger picture is I am eating better, exercising better and always improving! That is my transformation!


I have gone from a woman hiding behind others in pictures to posing for them!!! I am an example to others that yes, you can be healthy, and the way we eat and live now is NOT the way. People ask me, “what are you doing to lose weight?” and I tell them to check out Yes, I eat more organic and it may seem more costly, but look at my waistline―it was non-existent before! I truly enjoy the healthy foods. I have lost 25 lbs, dropped a dress size, dropped 2 pant sizes, become more active, and look so much healthier that others ask me what it is I am doing. Yes, as I was at Talbot’s outlet buying SMALLER sizes, I talked to the salesperson about organic foods, this clinic in Nashville and gave her a card for Exodus Center. AND the neatest thing was at my daughter Ashley’s wedding, Dr. Jason came up to me and said I was an inspiration because they had been PRAYING for me from the beginning! That is the kind of clinic this is―a blessing, spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Thank you for your prayers, your encouragement, your adjustments, and your wisdom.

Bobbie Hamilton

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