Back to School (& Bad Bacteria!)

It’s hard to believe it is time for children to pile into school buses again and head off for the next year of their education. There is always so much centered around this time of year, and a lot of anticipation for the changing of seasons and the fun festivities and holidays the coming months contain.

Along with the fun, unfortunately this season is also a breeding ground for sharing all kinds of bacteria, colds, flus and a host of other persistent and disruptive illnesses that often successfully attach themselves to our children who then distribute the germs to their friends and family. It’s a horrible cycle that creates a lot of havoc and hassle to say the least.

So before bacteria has a chance to get a grip on your family, here are some ways you can boost your body, and your children’s bodies NOW so that you all have a good chance of winning the cold and flu battle before it even starts. It’s time to take an offensive position and set yourselves up to win this fall and winter!

  1. Vitamin D3 : This vitamin not only great for bone strength, but as a phenomenal immune booster. It is especially good at preventing respiratory infections which is a very common illness during the winter months. 2000 – 4000 iu daily is an acceptable suggested dosage.
  2. Coconut Oil: The list of coconut oil based treatments is ever increasing, but this gem is at it’s best just as it is. Taken directly off the spoon, as a butter substitute, or hidden in smoothies, coconut oil has powerful antimicrobial and antifungal properties. It is also wise to use coconut oil externally on your body to help prevent infections upon contact. 1-2 tsp. daily is a good place to start.
  3. Zinc: This is one of the most important nutrients for immune function, healthy bones, skin and joints. Recurring ear infections, allergies or respiratory infections is a sign of zinc deficiency.
  4. Black Elderberry Syrup: A spoonful a day friends! That’s all you need to help prevent strains of influenza and to help boost your cell’s anti-inflammatory response.
  5. Probiotics: In order to fight bad bacteria, the body needs good bacteria. When we attempt to destroy bad bacteria through antibiotics, we destroy the good as well. Probiotics help to ensure a healthy gastrointestinal tract which is necessary to promote overall health.
  6. Fish Oil: This is a bonus booster, especially for children, because it not only increases immune system functions, but is great for the brain and concentration as well. Better grades and health all from our little fishy friends. Can’t beat that!
  7. Collodial Silver: This is a powerful liquid that kills anaerobic bacteria, yeast and viruses on contact; however it leaves healthy bacteria intact and undisturbed. Can be taken daily as preventative and several times a day if illness occurs.

While this is not an exhaustive list, these remedies will help to support the body so it is less susceptible to contract and illness. My hope for you and your family through these changes of seasons is that you are able to experience them happy and healthy.

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