A Toxic Environment

Popular thinking in our society blames poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and stress as the main contributors to disease. One factor our society does not consider is the constant invasion of toxic substances into your body that produce disease over time. Many American’s fuel their body with convenient, processed, and chemically enriched foods. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved approximately 3,000 food additives, preservatives and colorings for use in the food supply. The average person will have 140-150 pounds of additives and chemicals every year, creating an imbalance within the body. Dousing your organs and cells with these toxins is not allowing them to properly function and attain optimal operations. Because toxins from food and household products are fat-soluble, the body will naturally create fat to safely store the toxins and protect the body. This toxic fat will block nutrients, rob your energy, contaminate your cells, affect your moods and contribute to a host of symptoms and disease.  Minimizing these toxins will drastically improve your quality of life and reduce your likelihood of sickness.

So you are probably wondering, how can I avoid toxins? First, you must keep your body functioning at its maximum capacity.   The spine and nervous system control the organs of detox and so a healthy spine gives you an ideal start at keeping your body healthy.  Also, learning how to maximize your quality nutrients is one key to minimizing your toxin intake.  Nutrition helps fuel the trillions of cells that control our heart beat, our oxygen intake, our digestive tract and much more.  We are what we ingest, in other words, your body can only preform to the potential that you allow it.  Eliminating or reducing fatty processed foods and replacing them with whole foods rich in nutrients is one way to ensure cell performance and survival.  Eating healthier fats, replacing your regular meat with organic and removing refined grains and sugars from your diet is a start in the right direction. Toxins sabotage your diet, and for many cause weight loss resistance.

It is very difficult to avoid every toxic product out there.  With such an enormous tally of toxins pouring into the cells on a minute by minute basis, in order to really remove toxins from the body you should do a detox that both pulls the chemicals out of your cells, then removes them from the body completely.  If you think of it this way, you take showers on a regular basis to clean the dirt and grime from the outside of your body, but how often do we clean the inside?  Doing a good detox, whether it is a 7-Day detox or a detox that reaches your body at a cellular level is up to you and depends on your needs.

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