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Month: April 2012

Home Made Deodorant Time!

It is likely you have heard a lot of negative side effects using┬ádeodorant┬ácan cause, some of the worst being its link to contributing to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Most deodorants..

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Toxicity Workshop

Join Dr. Justin Ard & Dr. Josh Axe as they talk about Toxicity, the unseen influence in the widespread pandemic of disease in America. Each year in America: 4 billion..

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Lemons, Lemons, Everywhere!

During this month of cleansing, you will likely notice that lemons are included in a lot of the recipes we suggest you include in your diet. While lemons do lend..

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Spring (cleaning) Is In The Air

It has always been intriguing to me how something as simple as the changing of seasons compels me to do things I ordinarily avoid or at the very least, grumble..

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