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Located in the heart of Brentwood, TN, the leading health professionals at Exodus Health Center are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives -- combining skill and expertise that spans the entire chiropractic wellness spectrum. Dr. Justin Ard is committed to bringing you better health and a better way of life by teaching and practicing the true principles of chiropractic wellness care.
Patients seeking treatment at Exodus Health Center with Dr. Justin Ard are assured of receiving only the finest quality care through the use of modern chiropractic equipment and technology. Dr. Justin Ard and the staff have a genuine concern for your well-being!

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We can help with these Conditions


Hypoglycemia is a low level of sugar in the blood. If your body uses up the sugar in your blood too quickly or your pancreas secretes an excess amount of insulin, you may be hypoglycemic. The risks of sustained low blood sugar are fainting, seizure and coma.

How Can Chiropractic Help?

Low blood sugar is commonly a hormone-related condition in which lifestyle factors affect the production of insulin. Excessive stress, limited physical activity, elevated levels of toxicity, consumption of highly processed food choices and spinal misalignments all impact your body’s insulin response. Chiropractic care looks to normalize this response and provide lasting lifestyle solutions to naturally balance blood sugar and insulin levels throughout life.

High Blood Preassure

High blood pressure is a well-known symptom for serious health conditions like coronary heart disease, heart failure and stroke. It occurs when the flow of blood through your arteries applies excess pressure to the artery walls. Like heart disease, it often exhibits no symptoms.

How Can Chiropractic Help?

Everything in your body, including your blood vessels, is controlled by your nervous system. Excessive stress, poor diet, lack of exercise and poor spinal alignment negatively affect your nerves. Constriction of the blood vessels is triggered by the nerves directly and causes blood pressure to elevate. Many medications block this nerve input and artificially bypass this essential regulatory process. Chiropractic care looks to naturally improve neurological input and provide simple, sustainable lifestyle programs that will naturally lower one’s blood pressure without medication.

Heart Disease

Heart disease occurs when plaque accumulates in the walls and arteries of your heart. Plaque continues to build upon itself until blood can longer flow to or from the heart through the affected passage. This condition is the leading cause of death in the United States. Often, this disease develops while showing no symptoms.

How Can Chiropractic Help?

Heart disease is caused more by poor lifestyle factors and impaired healing ability than by genetic predisposition. Research has shown that it is not the amount of cholesterol but the type of cholesterol that produces plaque. Chronic stress, lack of exercise, improper spinal position, excessive exposure to toxins and the consumption of processed, man-made foods will all cause oxidation of cholesterol. The oxidation of cholesterol is what makes it harmful. Chiropractic care that includes lifestyle modification will provide your body with an ideal healing response and enable your body to naturally fight the plaque that causes heart disease.


A headache is exactly what it sounds like. The pain can occur in various areas of the head and scalp, as well as in your shoulders. They can be caused by physical impact and injury, or emotional stress. Migraine headaches are a more severe form often accompanied by sensitivity to light and nausea.

How can Chiropractic Help

A headache involves the nerves in the body. Pain is transmitted through the nerves and wherever the nerves go. Abnormal position of your spinal bones is the primary cause of irritation and inflammation to the nerves in your head, neck and shoulders. Specific spinal corrections will realign the spine and take pressure off the nerves that cause your headaches.


Constant, chronic aches and pains all over your body. Fibromyalgia is linked to dozens of symptoms: fatigue, headaches, anxiety, poor sleep, neck pain, back pain, numbness/tingling in hands and feet, and more.


Stress, damaged nerves and elevated levels of toxins in your system will create the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Specific spinal corrections take pressure off your nerves, reduce pain and promote healing throughout the body. A specific nutritional and physical activity program will help facilitate your body’s natural detoxification systems and help eliminate the multi-faceted condition fibromyalgia.


Arthritis is inflammation of the joints. In your body, cartilage protects your joints by absorbing impact. Cartilage allows you to move freely, smoothly and without pain. When cartilage is lacking, your bones rub together, making it painful for you to use that particular joint.


Specific adjustments and lifestyle modifications can reduce irritation and inflammation in the joints, nerves and throughout the body. Extra strain, aging and inflammation can occur when the spine and joints are out of their normal positions. Chiropractic care looks to realign the spinal bones to normalize the neurological response. This process naturally boosts the healing response needed to treat arthritis.


Allergies are exaggerated immune responses to substances (allergens) that typically are not harmful. If your immune system is overactive, your body will react to allergens similar to how it would treat a harmful bacteria or virus. This overreaction is what causes common allergy symptoms like wheezing, itchy eyes and hives.


Allergies are commonly caused by an overactive immune system. Your immune system is controlled and regulated by your brain, spinal cord and the nerves throughout the body. Added stress, improper spinal position, irritated nerves and poor lifestyle factors all contribute to an exaggerated immune system response. Chiropractic care can provide all the building blocks to optimizing and maintaining a healthy immune system throughout life.

Back Pain

Back pain is a pervasive problem in our country. In fact, some studies estimate that 31 million Americans will experience low-back pain at any given time. What many people may not realize is that this pain may be the result of vertebral subluxation in the spine.

When these misalignments occur, they can cause pain, numbness and tingling in the back (as well as other parts of the body), and the pain is really a warning alarm going off to alert you to the compromised state of your spine.


Chiropractic care provides a healthy solution to this problem by:
Providing a doctor that specializes in determining the location of and correcting vertebral subluxations which can cause back pain (Chiropractors are the only doctors dedicated to the focus of correcting nerve interference)
Relieving back pain at the source, rather than masking the symptoms of the real problem
Correcting nerve interference in the spine to provide long-term relief
Get Rid of your Back Pain
The only way to correct your back pain is to locate the source of the problem. Contact us today to schedule your appointment so that you can get x-rayed and examined by a Chiropractic doctor that can locate the source of your pain.

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Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Justin Ard

Dr. Justin Ard

Dr. Justin started his journey as a chiropractor in his home town of Murray, KY. While playing college football, he actually coached a middle school basketball program for three years where he coached his chiropractor and mentors son. While his parents both work in the medical field, after seeing the miracles and health chiropractic care produced, he immediately felt called to join this mission.

He received a Pre-Med degree from Murray State University in 2006. During his undergrad years, Dr. Justin was a four year member of the Murray State football team where he earned first team all-conference honors and went on to play football professionally after college. After periods of time playing professional football, he then went on to pursue his dream of being a Chiropractor. He was accepted and attended one of the best chiropractic schools in the country at Life University in Marietta, GA. During his time in school, he was educated in the latest and most up to date techniques of the chiropractic profession. Working with many diverse groups including children, families, and pregnancy, he was able to learn and master many different techniques in order to take care of almost everyone that seeks chiropractic care. Due to his diverse sports background, Dr. Justin also takes care of many athletes who seek to improve their performance on the field as well as their health off the field.

Justin like anybody, Dr. Justin himself has overcome health problems of his own. At 6 feet 5 inches tall and playing offensive line in college, weighed about 320 pounds, while playing football after college, he gained some more muscle and weight played at 340 lbs. When he stopped playing football to go back to school to become a doctor, as someone who was only taught to eat like an offensive lineman and workout like an offensive lineman, sitting back in a classroom 40 to 50 hours a week allowed him to gain about 20 more pounds over 4 years (which is the average american). While he was receiving chiropractic care, a mentor taught him the principles of true health and optimal healing that he teaches today. Dr. Justin himself lost over 80 pounds in a 6 months period and is down 90 pounds total using the exact principles he is so dedicated to teaching.

Dr. Justin is not only a dedicated chiropractor, but first in his life is God and then his family. His wife Pilar, is a software engineer and also received her degree from Murray State University where they met. They have been happily married for since 2005 and have three children, Jackson, Tiago and Brianna. Family time is extremely important to Dr Justin. He and his family can commonly be seen out in the community enjoying activities like the zoo or fishing at the lake. He is also an avid outdoorsman as he spends a lot of time fishing, hunting, and camping with his family.

You can email the doctor anytime with questions or comments at drjustin@exodushealthcenter.com


Dr. Justin Ard


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What Our Patients Say About Us

After seeing my wife’s results, I decided to do the same plan as my wife and I’m in the middle of it right now and loving it. As a business owner, I am very busy so it has been really nice on how smooth and quick of a process it is to get adjusted. I am there for maybe 10 mins each visit.
The Exodus team has been extremely polite throughout the whole process and highly recommend for chiropractic care.

Ben M. Nashville, TN

You have to try this place. You will not find another wellness center like this one. Dr. Ard is the best. They do so much more for you than alignments.

Amanda C. Nashville, TN

I recommend Exodus to anyone who wants to learn what it takes to get healthy and stay healthy!
He helps keep my spine aligned and anytime I get sick, I immediately go get adjusted to boost my immune system! He even helped my dad’s sciatica pain within 2 weeks – He thought he would need hip surgery and just like that.. all gone!

Ginny M. Nashville, TN

This is a trusted place to get chiropractic care. I love how as an office (not just Dr. Justin) they are passionate about the health and healing of all the patients and the people they come in contact with daily.

They offer not just chiropractic care, but education on topics like nutrition, fitness, vaccinations, detoxing, cancer, and other life-threatening diseases.

Jesse D. Nashville, TN

I love Exodus Health Center and their staff. They truly care about educating their patients, not only in chiropractic care, but holistic heath as a way of life. Aside from their great service (and great adjustments!), they have a ton of extra classes, and opportunities for ongoing education. They really teach their patients how to participate in creating health.

Maria C. Nashville

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